What idiot invented this?

Yesterday there was a knock on the door from yet another person claiming to be concerned about checking whether I was paying too much for my electricity bill.

Of course I am. That’s because we are paying not only for the cost of generating electricity but also for the overhead cost of having a lot of competing companies retailing power, and sending people around from door to door trying to persuade us to change companies. When I say I don’t want to change, they say “Oh, no, you won’t have to change. Your power will still come from the same company.” Well, of course it will! There is only one supplier – or “wholesaler” as they are called.

I am grateful for having electricity.

What idiot dreamed up the idea of having electricity “retailers”? Do they imagine that there are warehouses all over Melbourne where workers pack up electricity into little boxes and load them onto vans that go out and distribute them to retailers all over the city? Retailers do not provide a service. All they do is send you the bill. They are total parasites, contributing nothing whatsoever to society. Not only that, they annoy the hell out of me by sending bills telling me that “for my convenience”, my bill will now have a little orange stripe down the side – which of course, is going to make all the difference when I turn on a switch and the ****ing light comes on!

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