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Jeanne Browne


Jeanne Browne (above) at the opening of her Northcote exhibition. The print behind her shows images of edible plants which are part of the indigenous cultural knowledge of the land. (More about this print below)

Jim Sinatra (above) was the speaker at the opening.

Some of the prints on display (above)


Here is a selection of prints from Jeanne’s exhibition.

The print above shows the edible plants mentioned earler.

Another wonderful print which not only looks beautiful but also containes information about marine life.


Jeanne also has some gorgeous printed T-shirts and tea towels for sale.


Jeanne’s partner Andy and his Mum were at the opening (see below).

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  1. Belinda

     /  September 8, 2017

    I’d like to get in contact with Jeanne to purchase some work, how could I do his please!

  2. Tracy Watt

     /  March 8, 2014

    Could you please let me know if Jeanne is having another exhibition soon. I admire her work enormously and would like to see more. Thank you for your blog. Tracy

    • As far as I know Jeanne is based in Broome. She did have an exhibition on the Mornington Peninsula. You could go on her mailing list. I will your details on to her. She’s unique, isn’t she?


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