Autumn at Hidden Farm

Last week I went to visit my friend Richard in his beautiful property “Hidden Farm”  just out of New Gisborne, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria.There are many little courtyards and interlinking gardens. I love the colour of the Japanese maple, contrasted with the bamboo beside it.

If you step out the back door, there is a little courtyard with white riverbed pebbles, and the leaves that have fallen on them. When I rang Richard to ask if I could visit he said “I have to sweep up those dead leaves in the courtyard”. I said “just a bloody minute! Can you wait until I have come up and photographed them?”  In the courtyard there was a simple water bowl which some leaves had fallen into.

The leaves had fallen from a vine bordering the courtyard. In the background I could see the willows lining the banks of a channel of water.


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