North Fitzroy does Autumn too

After I had been to Hidden Farm and taken such beautiful shots of autumn leaves and plants, I realised that inner city Melbourne, my own North Fitzroy, also had something to offer, so I went on a prowl around the local neighbourhood. This is what I found.

A North Fitzroy autumn streetscape.

Leaf litter.

Red leaves blowing in the wind.

A lemon tree in my neighbour’s garden

My favourite shot, a tree in North Fitzroy, with glorious yellow leaves.

This doesn’t look particularly “autumny”, but it is a rather nice example of street planting.

Yellow, orange and green trees blending in beautifully.

A complete contrast, with red and green of the flowering tree.

A row of red leaves amongst the green.

These are definitely red!


A detail of this lovely flowering tree.

Flowers in a North Fitzroy garden.

Another lovely blend of green, yellow and red.

A green vine growing on the wall of a house.

Hanging red leaves against the backdrop of green.

A Virginia Creeper growing on the wall of a house in North Fitzroy.

More Virginia creeper.

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